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Your Ultimate P90X3 Review

x3_ecard-headerIf you have been looking for a P90X3 review that tells you everything you need to know about the product. Our aim is to give you the information you need to determine whether this fitness programme is really the right one for you.

We really like the programme. However, we recognise that it is not right for everyone, so what we have tried to do is to write an unbiased review. For this reason, we decided not to focus on the claims made by the program. Instead, we have pulled together information about what is included in the program. This really is the detail you need.

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The Three Components of the P90 Fitness Programme

There are three important components to the programme. They are:

The Workout Plan

The workout plan is made up of 12 different components. Each one works out the body in a slightly different way. This ensures that you not only look good after completing the 90X programme you will be truly fit. Your body will be strong, well-balanced and set up to stay that way for life. The P90X3 workout approach is unusual, but it is one that works.

See this page for an overview of the key workout modules. There you can see how the 12 workout regimes dovetail together to give you the body you really want and the tools you need to keep it that way. Here is a list of the main workout regimes:

  • Yoga
  • Resistance training
  • Ab training
  • Weight training exercises
  • Martial arts moves
  • Cardiovascular workouts
  • Plyometrics

The P90X Nutrition Plan

There is no point in working out hard if you do not support your body with good nutrition you will be wasting a lot of effort. Sure, you will put on muscle, but you will struggle to do so and will end up building muscle much more slowly.

Your body can only grow muscle if you provide it with the right building blocks. Everything in your body relies on what you eat. None of your body’s systems cannot work properly without the right nutrition.


The closer your nutrition is to perfection the better your body will function. It really is as simple as that. Give your body the nutrients it uses the most when it is making new muscle and it will make that new muscle at an much faster rate than you would think possible.

Put the right fuel (nutrients/calories) into your body at the right time and you get great results. This is exactly what the P90X nutrition plan does.

As well as telling you, what you need to eat to achieve true fitness and fast muscle growth the P90X diet also tells you what supplements to take to further support your body. When you are working out for 90 minutes a day at a fast pace you will need more than a good diet to keep up with your body’s nutritional needs.

This is why athletes have to take supplements, and why you will need to do so to. Taking the right, safe, high quality supplements at the right times in your journey to full fitness and a fantastic body is vital for getting the most out of the programme.

The Philosophy

The philosophy behind the program is also important. Tony Horton who wrote the programme has worked for decades with ordinary people who worked at home to get fit. He understands the challenges ordinary people face with holding down a job and taking care of their family. He understands that occasionally people will fail to follow the regime 100%.

His philosophy is – Do your best and forget the rest. In other words, do as much as you can. Do not let the occasional lapse put you off of continuing with the P90 X schedule.

This realistic approach is part of the reason so many people who has previously failed with fitness programmes find that they can stay the course. It means that people stick with it and achieve great results.

The Right Tools

To make the system a truly out of the box system the programme comes in kit form. There are three levels. The Ultimate programme has everything you need to follow the regime in full. That includes high quality resistance bands, hand weights and a great ab workers as well as the supplements you need to take.

However, should you already own the things you can opt instead just to buy the base kit. This contains the nutrition plan, the 12 workout regimes and the calendar.


All of the programmes can be bought outright or paid for using a monthly plan. This is designed to ensure that people can afford the programme even if they are on a budget.

In Conclusion

If the above information is not enough you, can find out more about P90X online or can click through and read more about the programme on this website.

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The P90X Workout Schedule Explained

p90x_workout_scheduleFitness is all about what you put into your body and getting enough exercise. Eat well and take enough exercise and you will get fit. It really is as simple as that. The P90X workout schedule takes care of the exercise aspect and the P90X diet plan ensures that you eat the foods that you need to get fit and stay fit.


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The Basics of the System

The 90X system is simple. It is a 90-day program that can take you from being unfit to being super fit.

You have to eat the right foods. This is key to success.

In addition, you have to work out, and work out hard, for 90 minutes a day. That sounds like a lot, but once you get used to daily exercise, it is addictive. You get to love it and even look forward to your daily work out.

Graduated Exercise Difficulty

The regime is gradual. Each day the exercises get more challenging, but you really don’t notice. This is because you are getting fitter every day, so can keep up and cope with better and better with being challenged.

The Importance of 90X Nutrition

By following the nutritional regime, you are gradually ridding your body of toxins. This means that it is working more efficiently.

You will find that you put on muscle much faster than you would expect and shed the pounds fast too. This means that every day you get stronger and stronger meaning you really can manage the fact that the exercises become gradually more challenging.

Daily Progress

Making daily progress, that you can really see, makes a huge difference to motivation. There really is nothing worse than working hard and seeing little, if any results. With Beach body P90x3 this really is not an issue you will see progress almost from day one.


P90X Reviews

Practically all of the P90X3 reviews we read were 100% positive. The vast majority of the people who have followed the regime felt that it really worked.

We read a few negative reviews, but these seemed to be written by people who were expecting some sort of miraculous transformation. A few people did not realise that to get results they actually had to follow the regime and push themselves.

Those that did follow the program were the ones who left the positive reviews. The P90X3 rumors turned out to be true. This really is an effective exercise program that works for the vast majority of people.

A Varied Workout

The only way to become truly fit, functionally fit, is to work out every muscle group and do so in a variety of ways. If you just want big muscles, P90X is probably not for you. You should be looking at muscle pumping programmes instead. P90X is about building a naturally well-muscled body, giving you a body that is strong and looks great, not bulging unnaturally in different places.

To achieve this truly fit body requires a range of work out models. They are:

Resistance Training

Resistance training is carried out using an opposing force to exercise your muscles. With the P90 regime, that resistance training is done using resistance bands. This is the most accessible way to exercise using an opposing force, which means that people of varying fitness levels can all do it and benefit greatly from it.


Cardio fitness is vital for life. It is also essential if you want to work out enough to put on muscle you have to have the breath available to do it. Your muscles cannot grow if they do not have access to sufficient oxygen, which is carried to your muscles by your circulatory system.

Weight Training

To put on bulk you need to use weights. This is another form of resistance training.

Weight training is also vital for skeletal health. You need a good strong frame for your muscles, and working out with weights helps to strengthen your bones or skeleton.


Martial Arts Moves

Many martial arts moves work out the deeper muscles of the body. They are quite challenging, at first, but as you get fitter, you will master them and will be able to benefit more from the martial arts moves. They help to build better balance, which will protect your joints as you age because you will walk and stand properly and not be putting unnecessary pressure on your joints.


Yoga stretches the muscles. If you do a lot of exercise, your muscles will spend a lot of time in the contracted state. Using yoga to stretch them out again ensures the muscle you put on looks natural and is more attractive.

This form of exercise also helps you to relax. It teaches you to be more centered and cope better with stress. Stress is a big enemy for health. Learning to cope with it better is very important for general fitness.

Plometrics (Plyometrics)

Rapidly stretching and contracting the muscles is the fastest way to but on strong, lean muscle. Plyometrics is a form of exercise that does exactly that.

Ab Work

Key to general fitness is a strong core. Your abs protect all of your vital organs, so strong abs are essential to fitness. They also hold you in the correct posture and strong abs will allow you to carry out all of the other exercises in the best way to get the most out of each one. The ab work you do as part of P90 is very effective and gets results fast.


The Importance of the P90X Calendar

Bearing in mind that you will be following the regime for 90 days the creator of the product has created a calendar to keep you on track. It helps you to see what regime to follow each day and to map your progress. This helps to keep you on track and keep you motivated.

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The Amazing P90X Nutrition Plan

As you can see from the title of this piece, we are impressed with the P90X Nutrition Plan. The clue to what this product does is in the name.

The P90X meal plan is designed to transform your body in just 90 days.

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Does P90X3 Work?

p90x-nutrition-planNow 90 days does not sound long to transform a body, which is why many people wonder whether 90X really does work.

However, you have to bear in mind that 90 days is actually 3 months. When you think of it in those terms, 90 days, actually is a significant period of time and following a healthy eating regime coupled with exercise really can make a huge difference.

The creators of P90X have thrown everything into the mix. They have taken decades of study into how the body works and applied it all to the special regime.

The 90X plan works because it takes a multi-disciplined approach to fitness. No stone is left unturned.

Who Created 90X?

An experienced trainer called Tony Horton has put the program together. For many years, he has worked training all kinds of people. In many cases, he transformed his clients from unfit couch potatoes into powerful, fit athletes.

His system is designed for functional fitness. Unlike some other programs it is designed to turn you into a person that is truly fit rather than one that just looks fit.

It is these decades of experience he has applied to what many people say is the ultimate home fitness program. Importantly, the program is designed for ordinary people. It is a no fuss approach to fitness and a great looking body.

P90X Workout Calendar

To keep you on course you get a full workout calendar. The exercises are paced and are designed to become gradually more challenging.

As your body becomes stronger, you can do more. In fact, to make progress that is exactly what needs to happen. You have to constantly challenge your body. Tony Horton’s system is paced so that you are constantly challenging your body, but not to the point where you run out of energy and cannot keep up with the program.


P90X Nutrition Guide

The P90X diet plan is perhaps the most powerful element of the program. If you want a strong, well-muscled body, you have to eat right and take the right supplements.

Your body needs the right fuel. If you do not eat the right foods, you will not have enough energy to spend the time you need to in the gym. This means you have to eat enough calories. Most people need to lose weight, so there is a tendency for people not to eat enough calories. To lose weight you will need to eat less than you burn, but eat too little and you will not be able to work out, so you need to get the balance right. The P90X3 nutrition regime makes sure you get the balance right.

Removing Toxins

The P90X3 diet regime you follow is very healthy. It is designed to remove toxins from your body and keep it clear of as many toxins as possible.

This is key to getting a healthy body. Numerous studies show that the more toxin free your body is the better it works. A body that is functioning optimally will work better. This means that you will be able to put on muscle far more easily.

P90X Supplements

If you are working out intensely, which you will be when following the P90X regime, it is difficult to give your body all of the nutrients it needs to build new muscle just by eating a healthy diet. For this reason, you are going to benefit greatly from taking bodybuilding supplements.

The supplements recommended for the program are not miracle products. They contain the vitamins, minerals and natural herbs, which have been proven to support the growth of muscles.


Tony Horton’s Philosophy

Tony Horton’s approach is interesting. He does not overwhelm you with too much information. His philosophy is ‘Do your best and forget the rest’. He knows that if people take this philosophy they will not be stopped in their tracks the moment they give into temptation and not follow the regime 100%.

This is what happens to most people. They stick rigidly to a regime for 2 weeks, then go out one evening and eat a piece of junk or skip a few exercises. Rather than shrug their shoulders and get back on the healthy eating plan the next day they beat themselves up and start thinking what is the point? Usually the next step is to give up and go back to their old habits. Tony’s philosophy helps to take the pressure off. It recognises that you may not get it 100% right, but acknowledges that if you largely stick to the plan you will be on the right track and will succeed in the end.

Naturally, those who stick to the plan are the ones that get the body they want within 90 days. Those who deviate a little get there too, but it just takes a few more days.

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